Anthony Luvera, 350MC first lecture, Symposium

First Lecture Back

-Anthony Luvera


350MC Photography in context



How we use photography

What kind of photographer are we…


I feel I am…

A teacher, using photography, workshops, passing on my knowledge, art therapy


I will develop:

-Effective public speaking


-Presentation skills


Interesting dates to bear in mind:

-Saturday 4th opening, Brighton

-9th talk, Sally Hopkins, Homeless Centre, Anthony Luvera


We will be…Partnering up with Media communication


Anthony Luvera:

Comes from Australia and moved to the UK in 1999.


He borrowed his dad’s camera and learnt how to use it with his friend. They made a darkroom in his bathroom and set up photography courses. This was th beginning of seeing himself as a photographer.


He studied English at Uni; Majoring in English and taking a minor in Media and communications. Throughout his degree the fact that a photographer could be an artist, blew him away. Therefore decided to switch his major and minor.


He has shot for Vogue, hairdressing, Schwarzkopf. Then decided to move over to London in 1999. However, he felt like he had left his portfolio of contact behind.

He found that the collaboration of fashion photography was really interesting. However, he felt he wasn’t finding the same kind of nourishment over here.


A Homeless charity then approached him called “Crisis” and asked him to take photographs of homeless people. He realized that this would be difficult because of problems with representation such as disempowerment. He felt that photographing a group of homeless people was heart breaking, and felt that the photograph would almost be wrong to take, so he forgot about it. A little later he went back and helped out with “crisis”. He then felt that it was the right time to introduce photography. He gave the homeless a disposable camera to take away and take whatever they wanted. He then started running these photography sessions regularly.


After a while “White Chapel Gallery” approached him, Victoria asked if he wanted to show the work. However, he felt that an Exhibition wasn’t the right way to show the work. Putting work about homeless people in a gallery didn’t feel right, so he left it. Then Vitoria got hold of him again, asked him if he wanted to show the work on the underground. This felt like the right place to show the work.


His work developed on to teaching people photography on a 5×4 camera, cable release and flash. He felt that this was a good way to create assisted self-portraits.


By, 2006, he had a lot of material that he felt a strong sense of guardianship over.

So he went to “Belfast Exposed”, a Top 10 photography gallery of the world. There they have an archive of photographs made by the general public, collected from the last 30 years that documents the troubles. He decided to research, and make new work in Belfast. Again he went to the homeless centre and started cooking in the kitchens.


In Belfast he created a project, assisting people with self-portraits; including Angela Wildman a participant in Belfast. He feels that photography captures moments in time that are no longer there. He is also interested in representation.

Anthony Luvera, assisted portrait Angela Wildman

Anthony Luvera, assisted portrait Angela Wildman


A recent project “Not going shopping”, took place over 9months of work. He met with a group of queer people living in Brighton and gave everyone cameras. “Not going shopping”, came from Pride marches, “we’re here, we’re queer, we aren’t going shopping. This included collaborative portraits and culminated in large posters, up around Brighton.


Interesting to look at:

“My Genderation” by Fox

He got involved with Brighton “Photo Fringe”, and started photographing the homeless in Brighton. This homeless centre was based in an assembly room.

A lot of choirs come here to rehearse, including a choir that is made up of people recovering from addiction issues. Luvera made sound recordings, and interviews of people. Asking questions like…


“What do they think of being called homeless?”

“Have they ever had their photograph taken without their permission? “

“What is that like?”


An interesting magazine that Luvera is involved with:

“Source” magazine


Art organization:

Sunil Gupta setup “Autograph”


Things I need to do for this module:

-Identify topic


-Write a presentation



Research involves:

-Exploring a field and finding out about it

-Talking to people




-Media: film, TV, Radio